I'm a rising Junior (class of 2019) from Brooklyn, NY concentrating in Computer Science at Brown University! 💻📓

I'm a co-coordinator for Brown Women in Computer Science. I've done software engineering internships at Twitter and Bloomberg, and am a teaching assistant for my school's computer science department.


Courseler 📚

Uses an algorithm to personalizes course recommendations for Brown students.

Worked with Spark, React JS, Java, and SQL to design an response and interactive user experience.

Created with a team for final project in Spring 2017 Software Engineering course (CS32).

Two Sided News 📰

Developed web app and chrome extension to display an opposing view of a user selected news article with Bootstrap and Javascript.

Created with a team for Hack@Brown 2017. 1st Place winner of Social Impact Award.

Unforget-table 🗺

Analyzes Google Maps location history of two users and projects overlaps onto a physical table.

Worked with Javascript, jQuery, Leaflet.js, Firebase, Google Locations API, and Rasberry Pi.

Created with a team for final project in Fall 2016 "Designing Humanity Centered Robots" Course (CS1951C).

Friend Location Predictor 👫

Calculates percent chance for a student to run into a friend on Brown's campus.

Worked with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Brown APIs.

Created as an independent project in January 2017.

Cat 2048 😺

Copy of the popular app 2048 with cats in place of the standard pieces.

Worked with Java, JavaFX Graphics Package.

Created as an independent project in January 2016.

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